Michelle Cooper (Day)

Physiotherapist, USA

Instructor, Reframe Rehab

I believe that Knowledge is Power.  As a physical therapist, I utilize my teaching background to make a lasting impact through educating patients so they fully understand what they are facing and what they can do about it.  My practice is research based using innovative techniques that include the nervous system, Mindfulness, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Yoga. 

Teaching Physical Therapists the skills and tools to take their practice to the next level is my passion.  My experience in teaching and physical therapy allow me to accomplish this in a way that is practical to incorporate in a clinic setting.

Physical Therapist
Graduate of University of Nebraska Medical Center - 1998 - PT
22 years of experience in Orthopedics, Manual Therapy, Pelvic Health, BioPsychoSocial Approach 
Practiced in Corpus Christi, Texas & Calgary, Alberta, Canada & Omaha, Nebraska

Graduate of University of Nebraska at Lincoln - 1992 - Education
Taught High School Chemistry and Physics in Omaha, Nebraska, before becoming a PT
Assistant Instructor with Pelvic Health Solutions - PT Education Company
Mentor to Pelvic Health PT's

Snorkeling in US Virgin Islands and Bahamas
Traveling to any warm place with an ocean and a beach
Learning about the Nervous System, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Yoga



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