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Cory Blickenstaff

Physiotherapist, USA

Owner, Forward Motion PT

Cory owns and operates Forward Motion Physical Therapy, which provides on the job site physical therapy clinics in the Vancouver, WA area utilizing various movement and manual therapy approaches to empower people toward an autonomous state of movement related health. Cory also co-hosts, along with Sandy Hilton, of the popular Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast (http://ptpodcast.com/podcasts/pain-science-and-sensibility/) on the PTPodcast Network (http://ptpodcast.com).

Cory works with individuals who are dealing with movement related problems such as pain or orthopedic injury as well as employers who are struggling with the consequences of pain and injury on their workforce. Services are also provided to individuals hoping to improve performance at work/play/fitness and who are looking for guidance on maintaining healthy movement through the lifespan. He has authored peer reviewed publications and has presented nationally on topics including application of graded exposure, graded activity, edge work, novel movements, movement variability, as well as application of care to the workplace.



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